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  Heng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 and covers an area of ​​770,000 square meters. There are 2600 employees, including 580 professional and technical personnel, and 330 senior and professional engineering and technical personnel. The company's registered capital is RMB 118.8 million, with more than 800 production equipments and 590 test equipments.

  After sixty-five years of development, it has developed into a group enterprise with Hengqun Technology as the core and integrated production, research and research. It has set up Hengqun Technology Co., Ltd. Bridge Parts Branch (administers one, two, three, four, five, five, No. 6 Plant), Hengshui Xinlu Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., Tiangong Lide Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Hengli New Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiangong Lead Technology Co., Ltd., Heng Rubber Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises.

  Through the self-transformation of the renamed logo in 2016, the strategic positioning was completed, the development concept was laid, the accumulation of development was based on the traditional transportation supporting products, the core of high-end manufacturing, green manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing, and the scientific application of new information technology, Fully build "smart rubber", optimize traditional industry sectors (bridge supports, expansion joints, etc.), expand environmental protection and energy saving business (sound barriers, waterproof and anti-fouling materials and metal prestressing treatment, etc.), and implement high-end equipment Manufacturing projects (bridge monitoring and maintenance, intelligent equipment manufacturing, etc.), strengthening new cross-border business (offshore engineering equipment, offshore wind power, remote engineering monitoring, etc.), expanding overseas independent businesses following the “Belt and Road” initiative, and becoming involved in the digitalization of the Internet industry Enterprises, integration into the capital market, etc.

  The company is a “National Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Gold Award Enterprise”, “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” and “National Torch Plan Enterprise”. Long-term and persistent “Science and Technology Promoting Enterprise, Innovative Development” is a summary of our company ’s leapfrog development experience. The company's strategic direction. Hengjian self-strengthening, the world of Oaks will continue to rely on science and technology to develop the enterprise, and continue to innovate and develop. According to the development blueprints that have been drawn up, they will be down-to-earth and united with one's will. They will use the time and place of national development and the rich foundation of the company to create Good tomorrow.


Strategic positioning: a leading enterprise in the field of engineering components in China

Hengqiu's mission: to operate in accordance with the law to increase efficiency; to create new value for customers; to improve the quality of life of employees; to build a platform for innovation; to accumulate more wealth for shareholders.

Heng Oak's belief: development is the last word, economic benefit is the core, and social benefit is the responsibility.   

Business philosophy: science and technology, innovation and development.

Strategic Vision: To build a century-old Hengqiang, to realize the dream of life.


Address: No. 9 East Road, North Industrial Base, Hengshui City

Zip code: 053000

Phone: 0318-2250128, 0318-2250127


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No. 9 East Road, North Industrial Base Park, Hengshui City


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