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★ Interview with Wei Cunjie by China Communications News

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★ Interview with Wei Cunjie by China Communications News

(Summary description)As an earlier rubber enterprise established nationwide, Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd. (referred to as Heng Rubber Co., Ltd.) has gone through a glorious course of sixty years. Over the past sixty years, the company has grown from small to large and from weak to strong, embodying the efforts and wisdom of Heng Oaken generation after generation. At present, the company has 6 molecular companies, and its products include various bridge bearings, bridge expansion devices, building vibration isolation products, rubber waterstops, prestressed steel rods, sound barriers, metal mesh,

  • Categories:衡橡脊梁
  • Author:xjgf
  • Origin:Original site
  • Time of issue:2015-03-07 15:25
  • Views:2

Create a century-old famous enterprise with sincerity

——Interview with Wei Cunjie, Chairman of China Communications (2014.8.8)




  As an earlier rubber enterprise established nationwide, Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd. (referred to as Heng Rubber Co., Ltd.) has gone through a glorious course of sixty years. Over the past sixty years, the company has grown from small to large and from weak to strong, embodying the efforts and wisdom of Heng Oaken generation after generation. At present, the company has 6 molecular companies, and its products include various bridge bearings, bridge expansion devices, building vibration isolation products, rubber waterstops, prestressed steel rods, sound barriers, metal mesh, waterproof boards, geotextiles, and bridges. Intelligent detection equipment, automation control, and marine airbags are mainly used in construction fields such as highways, railways, municipalities, water conservancy, construction, and offshore oil engineering. It is widely used in many construction projects across the country, such as Shantou Bay Bridge, Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Three Gorges Dam, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Passenger Dedicated Line, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed ​​Rail, Gui-Guang Railway Tunnel, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Tangshan Xinhua Cultural Square, Kunming new airport terminal, etc., and exported to Africa, Bangladesh, Japan and other places. The company is a national "torch plan" enterprise, high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province, China's top ten rubber products enterprises, China's well-known trademark enterprises.

  In recent years, Chairman Wei Cunjie led Heng Oak to seize opportunities and overcome difficulties, so that the company has completed the leap from small to large, from existence to refinement, from excellence to excellence. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of this enterprise, the newspaper interviewed Chairman Wei Cunjie and asked him to talk about the concept and experience of the successful development of Heng Rubber Co., Ltd. to readers.


Innovative development: build core competitiveness

  Question: As a national "torch plan" enterprise, Heng Oak has been committed to high-tech R & D and technological research for many years. How do you understand the company's scientific and technological innovation behavior, and how Heng Oak shares technology, system, and management What about innovation turning into real productivity?

  Answer: Innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Continuous technological innovation is the prerequisite for the survival and development of an enterprise. Heng Oak has always taken technological innovation as an important magic weapon to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and continuously worked on talents and systems to increase innovation. At present, the company has formed a science and technology research and development team with 18 senior engineers, 156 intermediate and above professional and technical personnel, and has a domestic first-class research and development center.

  In the past 10 years, Hengqun has completed 110 scientific and technological research and development projects, obtained 10 major scientific and technological achievements, and obtained 43 national patents, including 11 invention patents. These new products and technologies have led the industry's new directions and trends, and solved one technical problem after another in engineering. For example, the "National Torch Plan Project" developed by the company-bridge seismic basin rubber bearings, is the first bridge bearing used in strong earthquake areas in China; the National Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Gold Product-T-shaped concrete simply supported composite bridge The use of prestressed reinforcing steel components is the first domestic use of high-strength prestressed steel rods in bridge engineering, which not only saves a large amount of steel, but also facilitates construction and makes it easier to guarantee the quality of construction; filling a domestic blank product-three-way force adjustment High supports, in addition to the functions of beam displacement, deformation and height adjustment, can also carry out data collection and remote transmission of support loads. In short, our company's new product and new technology development focuses on solving practical problems in engineering construction, solves many problems in engineering, and promotes technological progress.

  In the face of fierce market competition, we have continuously improved market competitiveness through continuous technological innovation. The company has not only achieved good economic benefits, but also contributed to China's engineering construction and achieved good social benefits.


Quality Oriented: A Hundred-Year Plan Concept

  Question: Heng Oak's projects are mainly bridges and buildings. It is often said that "a century-long plan, quality-oriented." How does the company ensure the performance and quality of its products and maintain its leading position in the industry?

  Answer: Bridge supports and expansion joints are key components of bridge engineering, and their quality is related to the life and safety of the bridge. We have always put product quality management first.

  First, regard quality as the lifeblood of an enterprise; second, establish customer awareness. Everything is customer-centric and sees itself as the consumer of the product. Cutting corners and irresponsibility at work are harming their own vital interests. Third, establish a sense of quality prevention. Product quality is produced, designed, and scientifically controlled. This is a good example of preventative quality. This requires that our quality management not only be controlled from the source, but also have scientific and advanced procedures and equipment. In order to ensure product quality, Hengjiao not only built a national first-class laboratory in the 1980s, but also invested heavily in the research and development of advanced test and testing equipment such as the 30,000KN automatic compression shear tester and abrasion tester. National A-level quality inspection center; Fourth, respect the program consciousness of adhering to quality. Quality management is whole process and company-wide, and the work between different processes and departments of the company must be orderly and effective. "Stylish work" is one of our magic weapons. Fifth, strengthen quality Sense of responsibility. 80% of quality problems originate from management and only 20% originate from employees. With the sharing of responsibilities, the management and control measures can be targeted; Sixth, establish a sense of continuous delivery of quality. Quality is not the best, only better; quality improvement is a continuous, looping, and continuous improvement process. Since the company passed the ISO9000 certification in 2001, it has resolutely opposed to going through the field, faithfully strictly following the quality manual procedures, and implementing, inspecting, disposing, and looping models according to the plan; seventhly, it is clear about the cost awareness of quality. Cost and quality are closely related, but we don't think they are directly proportional. If the quality of the product is often complained about returns, its cost will be very high, and it will even push the company to an extreme situation. Eighth, establish quality education awareness. The concept of quality management is constantly updated, and learning and education are essential.

  In short, details determine success or failure, and details reflect the level of management. Quality management is endless. We will continue to improve, implement refined management, comprehensively improve the level of refined management, ensure the excellent quality of products, and always maintain the gold content of China's well-known trademark "Hengli" brand.


Winning Efficiency: Building a Modern Enterprise with Automation and Information Technology

  Question: In 60 years, a seedling can grow into a tree and a river mussel can contain sand and become beads. But for an enterprise, it is not easy to talk about development for 60 years? Then, what is the winning magic weapon of Hengqiang 60 years, especially the recent sustainable development?

  Answer: With the acceleration of global integration, enterprises' demand for production efficiency and manufacturing information is increasing. High informatization has become a strong driving force for manufacturing enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Since entering the new century, the market economy has gradually matured, and the buyer's market has become the main form, which has put forward higher requirements on the management level of the enterprise, especially its efficiency. At this time, the operational efficiency of the enterprise is becoming a magic weapon for success. There are two aspects to the efficiency improvement of Hengqun:

  1. Improve production efficiency by relying on modern equipment level. In recent years, Hengqun has increased its efforts in numerical control equipment, automation, and intelligent construction. Automated and intelligentized transformation of more than 300 sets of large and medium-sized CNC machine tools (lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, and welding and cutting machines); independently developed and assembled 3000-ton automatic compression shear tester and abrasion tester; The most advanced rubber mixing center; all 36 rubber vulcanizing machines have realized automatic control; the rubber water stop production has achieved microwave vulcanization control; metal mesh welding has achieved automatic spot welding; support assembly production line has been automated; transformation has been upgraded Fully automatic spraying lines, and aerodynamic transformation of the tailstock of the lathe, etc., all have basically improved the efficiency under the premise of ensuring product quality.

  2. Strengthen management to improve material use efficiency and labor productivity.

  Since 2005, Heng Oak has begun to implement refined management within the enterprise, starting from improving the efficiency of one kilowatt of electricity, one ton of water and one person. In 2006, Heng Oak started the reform of "Organization and Performance Project" and determined The company's goal concept is "Heaven and Earth". In 2007, the reform of "Organization and Salary" was launched, and summit forums were held in Huairou and Hainan respectively. In 2009, the company faithfully promoted enterprise standardization ...

  越来越 The trend of more and more social division of labor requires enterprises to focus on managing costs and improving efficiency. Investors will organize funds, and technical staff will improve technology, then the business managers must be able to improve the overall efficiency of various elements of business operations. If a workman wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon. Advanced production, scientific research, and office equipment, along with the implementation of modern management systems, have allowed Hengquong to take off.


Win-win cooperation: create industry value together

  Question: After 60 years of ups and downs, Heng Oak has a high reputation in the road and bridge accessories industry, and her identity is constantly changing among pioneers, contributors, and sharers. The word "responsibility" is important for the growth of the company What does it mean?

  Answer: An enterprise, while continuously manufacturing high-quality products and creating value for customers, should also bear the responsibility of promoting the healthy progress of the entire industry, and it should also bear the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the image of local enterprises on the national stage.

  Let the product speak, prove with strength, and express with responsibility. With its own reputation advantage, Hengzhuo Group has maintained the reputation of customers in the industry, and has more effectively promoted the development of customer careers. The huge image value is derived from this. Especially in the past 30 years, the previous leaders and key employees of Hengjiao Co., Ltd. have held many social responsibilities and won many honors from the State Council, provincial and municipal governments, industry ministries and commissions, professional associations, etc., and have made every contribution to society.

  Adhering to the sense of mission of the pioneers of the industry, Yanheng Rubber Co., Ltd. constantly seeks for feasible solutions to create value for the entire industry. Participated in drafting and hosted the "National Rubber and Rubber Products Standardization Work Conference", "Ministry of Communications Highway Bridge Basin Rubber Bearing Standard Review Meeting", "Rubber Bearings, Rubber Waterstops National Supervision and Inspection Results Analysis Meeting", etc. National industry standards, authoritative documents, conferences, grafted high-tech in traditional industries, led 3 industrial technological revolutions, created or rewritten 5 national or industrial technical standards, and filled 13 national gaps ...

  For many years, Hengjiao Group has stood at the overall height of China's engineering rubber industry, assisted the entire industry to take the road of new-type industrialization development, focused on the three articles "endogenous, external introduction, integration", through industrial structure adjustment and technological innovation, etc. Means to promote the existing industry from decentralization to convergence, from low-end to high-end, and to promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry. For example, win-win cooperation and strong alliance are our tenets.

  In the eyes of partners, the main reason for smooth cooperation with Hengjiao Co., Ltd. is that the company has established a business philosophy of cooperation and mutual trust. On the basis of further consolidating the cooperative relationship with several major scientific research institutes in the country, Heng Rubber Co., Ltd. established strategic cooperation alliances and strategic partners with two authoritative research institutes in 2010, enabling Heng Rubber Co., Ltd. to move from raw materials to scientific research systems. Established smooth channels.


Green Development: Building an Environmentally Friendly Enterprise

  Question: Rubber products are an indispensable product in the current bridge construction, but at the same time, they also face the problem of how to achieve green development. In this regard, how does Hengqun realize the green development path?

  Answer: At present, mankind is facing major challenges to achieve sustainable economic and social development. The energy issue has become a hot and difficult point in global economic development. In line with the development of the times and in response to the national call, Hengjiao Rubber Co., Ltd.'s rubber mixing center is the leader and entry point for centralized, sealed processing and unified processing of rubber. The rubber mixing system has become large and intelligent. The great advantage of the rubber mixing center is that it can effectively reduce the loss of compounding agents, save raw materials, overcome dust flying, minimize pollution, and greatly improve the working environment.

  In the vulcanization process of rubber, two microwave vulcanization production lines have been introduced and put into operation successively. Microwave heating is completely different from the traditional heating method. It penetrates the microwave energy into the heated medium and directly performs the overall heating. Therefore, the heating is fast, energy efficient, greatly shortens the rubber vulcanization time, makes the heating uniformity better, and improves the vulcanization quality. . In addition to the use of talcum powder in the old process, the production process can meet environmental protection requirements. This production process allows most of the production processes to be completed on one production line, with high degree of automation, labor saving, stable production, uniform product quality, etc., and energy consumption. reduce.

  Reconstruction and replacement of coal-fired heat-conducting oil furnaces not only reduce soot and sulfur dioxide emissions, but also save energy, low operating costs, high thermal efficiency and good economy. Especially environmental protection is better: The environmental protection effect of the organic heat carrier heating system is mainly reflected in the very small amount of flue gas emissions, no pollution from pollution and heat pollution;

  All 36 vulcanizing machines in the vulcanization workshop are equipped with air collecting hoods, and the odor generated during vulcanization is absorbed by the activated carbon adsorption tower through the pipeline to improve the working environment of the workshop and reduce the odor, while not emitting to the atmosphere; paint spraying and plastic spraying lines are increased. Activated carbon adsorbs exhaust gas and achieves clean emissions.

  In addition, prestressed steel bars, one of the main products, have the characteristics of high strength and large elongation. They are widely used in railway track slabs and industrial and civil construction projects, saving a lot of steel; sound barrier products can effectively reduce the noise of cars, trains, etc. Pollution is an environmentally friendly product produced by the enterprise, which has great social benefits.

  In the context of responding to the country's green development, companies are trying to penetrate the concept of "innovation, integration, and green" throughout the entire product life cycle, as well as the entire process of research and development, production, logistics, and customer service. Unremitting efforts are being made to reduce pollution.

  Afterwords: Our national industry is developing at an unprecedented speed, and it is also facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. After decades of development, Hengqun has made great progress and achieved remarkable results. It has also trained a large number of outstanding management and technical personnel in the industry, and has also grown a large number of outstanding enterprises. Family. These are enough to make Heng Oak people proud, but also to make the industry of engineering rubber and the transportation construction industry in China remember them, thank them!

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