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★ Lao Fu Fu Xi "Branches" in thousands of miles-Zhi Zhibin's "Heng Oak Life" Road

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★ Lao Fu Fu Xi "Branches" in thousands of miles-Zhi Zhibin's "Heng Oak Life" Road

(Summary description)On March 2 this year, at the Taocheng Rubber Industry Development Conference, when Mr. Ju Hongzhen, president of the China Rubber Industry Association, commented on the status and role of Hengshui in the development of China's engineering rubber, he said with affection: "The development of Hengshui Engineering Rubber It has contributed to the development of engineering rubber throughout the country. Twenty years ago, we investigated and researched the development of engineering rubber. At that time, I came to Hengshui to find Comrade Zhi Zhibin ... ". Zhizhi Bin was wearing the "Technology Outstanding Contribution Award" safflower and ribbon at the moment, sitting on the front row of the award seat and receiving commendation.

  • Categories:衡橡脊梁
  • Author:xjgf
  • Origin:Original site
  • Time of issue:2012-08-10 15:30
  • Views:3

"Fu" in the thousands of miles

——Zhi Zhibin's "Life of Oak"

  On March 2 this year, at the Taocheng Rubber Industry Development Conference, when Mr. Ju Hongzhen, president of the China Rubber Industry Association, commented on the status and role of Hengshui in the development of China's engineering rubber, he said with affection: "The development of Hengshui Engineering Rubber It has contributed to the development of engineering rubber throughout the country. Twenty years ago, we investigated and researched the development of engineering rubber. At that time, I came to Hengshui to find Comrade Zhi Zhibin ... ". Zhizhi Bin was wearing the "Technology Outstanding Contribution Award" safflower and ribbon at the moment, sitting on the front row of the award seat and receiving commendation.

  As a result, Zhi Zhibin, which aroused the affectionate memories of national expert leaders on such a grand occasion, has become the focus of attention. Now, please follow me to Zhizhibin, a senior engineer.


  First, many auras

  He prefers to call himself Zhi Zhibin, a "rubber worker", who is already full of silver hair. He graduated from Peking University as early as 1970, and is now a senior engineer and provincial appraisal expert. But this is only an academic recognition of him. Regarding the achievements in engineering rubber, it is related to his current position-Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer in charge of Technology and Development of Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd. For more than 30 years, he has been working for Heng Oak Co., Ltd., and has been working in production and technical positions. He has been devoted to the research of rubber product production technology and new product development for more than 30 years. He has numerous scientific and technological achievements, and has made outstanding contributions to the company and China's rubber industry. He has hosted and participated in development projects, and has obtained 5 national patents, 1 national new product, 4 provincial scientific and technological achievement awards, 1 provincial scientific and technological progress award, 5 provincial outstanding new product awards, and provincial quality management achievements. 1 award and so on. And he is also concerned about the development of the national rubber industry, and has a lot of part-time jobs in this industry: member of the National Rubber and Rubber Products Standardization Technical Committee Rubber Miscellaneous Subcommittee (SAC / TC35 / SC7); member of the expert group of the China Rubber Industry Association; Hebei Rubber Society Director; Hebei Province Bid Evaluation Expert Database Expert; Hebei Province Quality Information Workstation Director; Hebei Province Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Expert. The former Director of the Provincial Department of Chemical Industry Guo joked him as one of the "rubber bugs" in the province.

  Relying on the brilliant scientific and technological achievements led by Zhizhibin's scientific and technological personnel, Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd. has made great progress-successively named as provincial high-tech enterprises, star products of patented products, hundreds of key scientific and technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Hebei Province, Hundred leading enterprises in Hebei, Hebei top 100 enterprises, and so on.

  Many people love what they do, but they just think of it as their own. And Zhi Zhibin, although he also thinks it is his own business, he thinks it is everyone ’s business. He can't help but think of what to do for his career. His love for this field is subtle and deep, and he is gratified to help many people in this industry surpass himself. We call people like him evangelists.

  Based on this, I have deep feelings: Thanks to the dedication of older generations of expert evangelists such as Zhi Zhibin, our Hengshui Engineering Rubber has the present glory in the country-in China, every talk about engineering rubber Hengshui, like a wave of Hengshui, surging and surging ...


  Twenty-two, sharp vision, successful preaching

  If China's engineering rubber needs to find some iconic starting points, in 1985, Zhi Zhibin presided over the development of bridge engineering rubber products at Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd., which has more than 20 years of history. In the history of more than 20 years or even longer, there are some people we must remember, even if we don't remember, future generations will engraved their names on the monument of history. As the original developers and evangelists, Zhi Zhibin and other veteran science and technology workers' contributions to China's engineering rubber are obvious to all, and they have become the beacon of Hengshui rubber tide.

  Professional background and perennial technical research and product development in rubber companies have made Zhi Zhibin's feelings about rubber easier than others, and his understanding of the use of enterprise resources and business processes may be more thorough. Since participating in the work, Zhi Zhibin has begun to contact, study the properties and uses of rubber, and consciously expand its extension.

  Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd., where Zhi Zhizhibin worked, was originally a "Hengshui County Coach Repair and Distribution Agency" established in July 1954 during the transformation of China's socialist industry and commerce. After several changes, from 1992 to the Hengshui Rubber Factory and the Second Rubber Factory, the "big collective enterprise" as a whole was restructured into the current Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd.

  For over 50 years since its establishment, Liheng Rubber has separated Hengshui Vehicle Equipment Factory, Hengshui Powder Metallurgy Factory and Hengshui Steel Window Factory. Before the reform and opening up, the main services and products were hot repair tires, retread tires, production of various rubber rings, pads, seal rings, carriage and motor vehicle tires, etc. After the reform and opening up, Zhi Zhibin presided over and intensified the development of new products for rubber products, and trial-produced conveyor belts, V-belts, rubber plates, idlers, solid rubber wheels, oil seals, etc. In the 1980s, the application of the two new products of electrified railway track insulation joints and railway screen cleaner ring conveyor belts broadened the product area, and eventually led the product development direction away from the general civilian area and turned to railway and road transportation supporting products. .

  Entering the early stage of reform and opening up in the 1980s, the concept of market competition has been implanted in the mind of Zhizhi Bin, a leader in scientific research. After market research and analysis and comparison, combined with the company's own advantages, he has very far-sightedly selected the promising rubber engineering bearings for bridge engineering as a development target.

  It was admirable to choose such a goal at the time. At that time, the national economy was still in ruins, not to mention large bridges, and only a few decent highway bridges in general. When he chose the goal, he firmly determined his conviction.

  Bridge support is a key component of bridge engineering, and its quality is related to the life and safety of the bridge. He organized scientific and technical personnel in the plant to seek advice and to have extensive friendship. Earlier linked to the Academy of Science of the Ministry of Railways and the Highway Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Communications, and learned from the teacher. Insufficient technical force, they do everything they can to train, continue, recruit talents, and cooperate with professional institutes ... Finally, the first new product “Hengli” brand plate rubber bearing was successfully developed after more than a year of hard work; soon, the circular plate bearing with uniform force also passed the provincial and ministerial appraisal, which filled the province. Blank inside.

  At this point, Hengqiang Co., Ltd. quickly adjusted its strategy, taking bridge engineering rubber products as its main attack direction, and invested a lot of manpower, financial and material resources. Zhizhi Bin, as the main researcher, devoted himself to it.

  With the rapid development of the national economy after China's opening up and invigoration, bridge construction has made rapid progress. Their rubber bearings quickly seized new markets as pioneers. In 1987, the plate neoprene bearings passed the provincial new product appraisal, and then developed and produced a variety of bridge plate rubber expansion joints, and participated in the formulation of the mechanical performance standards for rubber bearings of the Ministry of Communications (JT3132.3- 90), becoming one of the first four designated factories in the country to produce rubber products for bridge engineering approved by the Ministry of Communications at that time. Immediately after that, the national “Seventh Five-Year Plan” project—the basin rubber bearing—was developed and produced, and the bearing capacity was greatly improved, becoming one of the 2 manufacturers in the country with this technology. The development and production of this product also set a precedent for the large-scale compatibility of Heng Rubber Co., Ltd. from pure rubber to the steel machinery processing industry, and laid the foundation for subsequent large-scale development. Since then, the circular plate support has been awarded the major contribution to the scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Communications; the circular plate slope support has been awarded the title of national new product in 2000; and many designs have been awarded national patents.

  After 20 years of polishing, its bridge support products have formed a huge family: ordinary rectangular and circular plate bearings, ball crown bearings, slope bearings, slope ball crown bearings, tetrafluoroethylene plate bearings Bearings, series basin bearings, force measuring bearings, adaptive bearings and various railway bridge bearings, JHPZ passenger dedicated light rail bridge supports and so on. And all passed the provincial, ministerial and above appraisal, a large number of large-scale, extra-large bridge projects, and also exported to foreign countries many times, becoming one of the company's most important products.


  three,Writing bridge expansion joint legend

  While the bridge supports shined brightly, Zhi Zhibin and his scientific colleagues did not forget the ancient teaching of "Endless Art." After market research, they found that for many years, the bridgehead jumped due to the lack of telescopic connection between the bridge body and the roadbed or the unreasonable expansion device, which caused damage to the traffic and was not comfortable to ride. Traditional board expansion joints and comb-type expansion joints have shortcomings such as short life and poor expansion effects, which have always been headaches for bridge experts.

  In 1990, when Beijing-Tianjin-Tang Road, the first expressway in North China, was built, they foresee that the booming period of the expressway was coming, and the demand for bridge telescopic devices would be increasing. To this end, they decided to develop a telescopic device that is comfortable to use, long-lasting, and has a good telescopic effect.

  They refer to the principles of several advanced telescopic devices in the world, combined with China's national conditions, and quickly came up with a design plan. The first batch of XF-type bridge telescopic devices welded with steel plates was used on Jilin Zhihemen overpass. Since then, XF has created a new era for bridge expansion devices in China, and has become a replacement product for plate expansion joints. However, although this product is much better than rubber expansion joints, due to the large welding residual deformation and poor overall strength, the waterproof rubber strip is easily rusted with bolts and difficult to replace, and the application effect is far from that of foreign products.

  As the company's chief engineer, Zhi Zhibin is determined to develop a new generation of telescoping devices! After asking the company's leaders, a test fund of 2 million yuan will be pulled out at once, and the experts from the Chinese Academy of Iron Sciences will jointly develop the "struggle for gas". In order to realize the new leap as soon as possible, they introduced great success. Zhibin Zhi and his colleagues overcame all kinds of difficulties such as poor conditions and scarce data, and conducted hundreds of experiments in half a year.

  The first problem encountered was to replace steel plates with monolithic shaped steel. They divided their troops into several routes. Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron & Steel have almost traveled to major steel mills across the country, and they were rejected because they had less demand and no development value. However, their strong initiative and sense of historical mission condensed great motivation. They were not discouraged and discouraged, they were more indomitable and did everything possible. In the end, I finally used the relationship to open a gap in a steel plant in Sichuan and trial production according to requirements, and it was a success! (Soon this XF shaped steel and its variants quickly spread throughout the country, becoming the main raw material for various engineering rubber plants.)

  After several trials and hardships, in April 1993, the second-generation XFⅡ diagonally supported bridge telescopic device composed of integrally shaped steel, diagonally supported box and gull-shaped rubber waterstop was successfully developed.

  XF Ⅱ bridge expansion and contraction device was developed and used in the country for the first time to use the overall rolled special section steel. It is the first time to adopt the new type of displacement control method of oblique support, and for the first time to use the gull-shaped sealing strip designed and manufactured by our factory. Compared with the XF generation, XFⅡ has achieved a qualitative leap from structure to quality and performance. A number of technical indicators have been searched online and are the world's first. Therefore, they have won the "94 China New Technology and New Product Expo Gold Award" from the National Science and Technology Commission. The Ministry of Communications confirmed that this product is a domestic first and reached the advanced level of similar international products, and was identified as a "national new product". Its selling price is less than one-half of the import price, which can completely replace imported products. That year, it was applied to the Capital Airport Road Project, the Beijing East Third Ring Road Reconstruction Project, and the Shanghai Luoshan Road Project, which created huge economic benefits.


  Fourth, usher in the glory of engineering rubber

  The emperor's daughter did not worry about marrying, and XFⅡ became "Xiangxiang".

  When XFⅡ was successfully developed, it was in 1994 when Guangdong Shantou Bay Bridge was ready for bidding. The bridge was the world's largest reinforced concrete box girder suspension bridge in which the famous Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing took a stake. Participating in the bidding for bridge telescopic devices are world famous factories such as Wanbao Company, Mauler Company in the United States, Germany, Britain, Switzerland and other countries, and they launched a strong challenge as soon as they came up. Heng Oak holds XFⅡ, a "hard currency", and will not be outdone. In order to promote the promotion, they held a special demonstration at the Pearl Island Hotel in Guangzhou. More than 60 authoritative leaders, experts, and experts from more than 20 units in the bridge and transportation engineering community in Guangdong Province, like a picky mother-in-law and a new wife, are serious and meticulous. They introduced in detail their struggle to invest heavily in research and development and to improve this "struggle for gas". Four groups of expert delegations, including the Chief Engineer of Guangdong Expressway and the Chief Technology Officer of the Bridge, went to Hengqun to investigate. The results agreed that compared with foreign products, XFⅡ has more characteristics, especially the corners are more suitable for large cranes. Cable bridges require technology and are inexpensive. Therefore, it was decided that the construction of Shantou Bay Bridge should adopt domestic XFⅡ-480!

  The meeting successfully reached the intention: It is recommended to promote the domestic telescopic device XFⅡ in the highway projects in Guangdong!

  With its excellent performance, XFⅡ won the bid in one fell swoop against a strong foreign player. In the history of the construction of the bridge in China, it finally opened a new page of "domestic goods" over "foreign goods", ending the history of China's dependence on imports for this product, not only obtaining national patents, It was also rated as "National New Product".

  Since then, XFⅡ has blossomed all over Guangdong, and has affected transportation projects across the country. Through the glorious battle examples of Zhengzhou's "Four Bridges and One Road" Central Plains Battle, Nanchang Bypass Highway Project, Nanjing Yangtze River Third Bridge Project, Shanghai 03 Battle, and Sichuan Suining Line Project, they carried forward the spirit of "Hengquan Ironman" and finally created a new glory in history. . At present, Hengjiao Co., Ltd. sells XFⅡ products across the country every year with nearly 100 million yuan.

  In 1995, they developed and produced slope rubber bearings, and obtained the first national patent for technology, and were rated as "national new products". In 1996, it was the first domestically developed 8156 railway basin bearing ... For more than 20 years, "Hengli" brand bridge engineering series products have obtained 27 national patents, which has also made the company contribute more than 300 million yuan in taxes to the country. A large number of facts prove that the successful development of this product has not only created huge economic and social benefits, but also promoted the technological progress of this industry, and made a significant contribution to the development of China's transportation industry.

  At present, the country is vigorously developing high-speed railways, and bridge bearings have encountered new opportunities. After reforms and innovations, based on the original various bearings, last year, the patented products were jointly developed and developed with the National Research Institute-TGPZ basin height-adjusting bearings and SQMZ double-curved steel bearings for railway passenger dedicated lines. , As well as authorized new products-special KTPZ basin bearings for railway passenger dedicated lines, etc., to meet the needs of the national railway development situation, at the beginning of successful development, it was widely and widely used in Beijing-Tianjin intercity, Hewu, Shi The Taizhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway passenger dedicated line project has produced huge economic and social benefits.

  Zhi Zhibin, who has already been in the armor for a long time, just retired a few days ago, but still cares about the front line of engineering rubber production and scientific research. The knowledge accumulated in his life will always be a great asset to all people engaged in the construction of engineering rubber.


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  I. Position:

  1. In March 1970, he graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Power of Peking University and was assigned to work in the former Hengshui County Coach Repair Co. (later developed into Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd.)

  2. From 1976 to 1983, he successively served as Deputy Chief of Production Section and Chief of Technical Section.

  3. From 1983 to 1992.12, he was the deputy director of Hengshui No. 1 Rubber Factory.

  4. In 1989, he was named an engineer, and concurrently served as the chief engineer of the plant.

  5. From 1993 to 2005, he was the director, deputy general manager, and chief engineer of Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd., and has been a manager representative since 2004.

  6. From 1994 to 2004, he was also the director, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Hengshui Dongfeng Rubber Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.

  7, 1995 was named senior engineer.


  2. Main work experience:

  1. Participated in the test of oil-based recycled rubber in 1971, and presided over the technical transformation of recycled rubber in 1979. In 1982, the province's first water-oil-based production line was established, and its product quality ranked third in the national evaluation.

  2. From 1975 to 1978, he presided over the development of 7.50-16 and 4.00-12 small tractor tires, the products met the national standard requirements, and an annual production line of 20,000 tires was built.

  3. From 1976 to 1978, the laboratory of Hengshui Rubber Factory was established.

  4. Beginning in 1985, as the first principal researcher, the province developed the neoprene bridge support for the first time, and passed the provincial and ministerial-level new product identification in 1987. The successful development of this product has laid a good foundation for our company's production of bridge engineering rubber products and won the third prize of provincial outstanding products.

  5. From 1991 to 1993, he participated in the development of XF obliquely supported bridge telescopic devices, QPZ series basin rubber bearings, and GPZ series basin rubber bearings, and obtained the certificate of scientific and technological achievements from Hebei Province (3 copies), Hebei Province, respectively. Excellent new product award certificate (three copies), Hebei Province science and technology progress award certificate (one copy), Hengshui area science and technology progress award (two copies).

  6. Participated in the development of circular plate bridge rubber bearings from 1991 to 1992, and passed the provincial new product appraisal, and obtained the Hebei Province Science and Technology Achievement Completion Certificate and Hebei Province Excellent New Product Award Certificate.

  7. In 1996, he participated in the development of 8156 railway bridge basin rubber bearings for special bridges, passed the provincial and ministerial level new product appraisal, and obtained the provincial excellent new product award certificate.

  8. From 2001 to 2002, he participated in the development of dissolving polymer-modified asphalt and passed the identification of new products in Hebei Province.

  9. In 1996, he participated in the development of circular plate slope bridge rubber bearings. After passing the provincial new product appraisal, the product was rated as a national new product.

  10, 2000 Participated in the development of highway bridge seismic basin rubber bearings, this product passed the Hebei Province new product identification.

  11. Participated in five utility model patent projects including "XF diagonally supported bridge telescopic device" and obtained patent authorization.

  12. In 1994, he won the Hebei Province Quality Management Achievement Award.


  Part-time job in the industry:

  1. Member of Rubber Miscellaneous Subcommittee (SAC / TC35 / SC7) of National Technical Committee for Standardization of Rubber and Rubber Products

  2. Member of the expert group of China Rubber Industry Association Recycled Rubber Branch.

  3. Director of Hebei Rubber Society.

  4. Hebei Province Bid Evaluation Experts Bid Evaluation Expert.

  5. Director of Hebei Quality Information Workstation.

  6, Hebei Province scientific and technological achievements appraisal expert.

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