FPS building isolation friction pendulum bearing

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Product description

Building friction pendulum isolation bearing

The friction swing bearing for building vibration reduction and isolation is a cooperative product of our company and the Institute of building standards. The product is composed of parts such as upper seat plate, spherical crown plate and lower bearing plate. Friction sliding pairs are set between the upper seat plate and spherical crown plate, and between the lower seat plate and spherical crown plate. Building seismic isolation friction pendulum bearing is to use a simple pendulum mechanism to extend the natural vibration period of the substructure, reduce the effect of seismic force, and well separate the upper and lower structures, convert the seismic energy into potential energy and thermal energy, and flexibly change the natural vibration period of the bridge or building through the curvature radius of the structure.

Advantages of friction swing bearing for building vibration reduction and isolation: in terms of performance advantages, the main material is metal, the processing quality is easy to ensure, and it has higher reliability; The relative friction materials are stainless steel and PTFE plate, with good durability; As the main material, metal has a large bearing capacity; Large deformation of bearing without damage. In terms of design advantages, the friction pendulum isolation building can be simplified as a simple pendulum model, and the principle is simple; The friction coefficient can be directly estimated from the shear weight ratio of the isolated structure, and the design is simple; There is no coupling relationship between the deformation and the vertical bearing capacity. After the friction coefficient and the equivalent radius of curvature are determined, the analysis can be carried out, and the modeling is simple.