Customer Service



  The company has a customer service department with a more complete customer profile, providing customers with satisfactory services at any time.


  Service consultation telephone: 0318-22500012259968



  Customer Service Commitment Regulations

  Our company makes the following customer service commitments for sales products:

  1. Our company promises that whereever a supply contract is signed with our company, our company will guarantee timely delivery, ship the product to the designated place of the buyer on time and in quantity, and send professionals to guide the storage.

  2. Our company promises that the products produced and sold by our company are guaranteed for five years, and are responsible for the quality of the products sold for life.

  3. Our company promises that the technical consultation of customers during product consultation and delivery will be answered with enthusiasm and patience by professionals.

  4. Our company promises that if technical guidance is needed due to product quality problems and customer requirements, the company will send professional and technical personnel to the designated site within 48 hours.

  5. We promise: We will bear all accidents before and during delivery.

  6. After the project is completed, our company will send personnel to track the product from time to time to find out that the problem will be solved on the spot within 48 hours.