Technology Overview


  The company has been producing bridge fittings since the late 1980s, and is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers of similar products. With a history of producing rubber products for half a century, and a history of manufacturing bridge accessories for more than 30 years, we have formed a complete set of production management and quality control systems. In 1999, it took the lead in passing the GB / T19001-ISO9001 quality management system certification among its peers; in July 2004, the first batch of products was awarded a bridge support product production license (permit issued by the General Administration of Inspection and Quarantine No. XK18—004—00003); The passenger-dedicated bridge bridge bearings produced in April 2007 have obtained CRCC certification from China Railway Railway Product Certification Center; basin bearings, ball bearings, and plate bearings have passed CE Certified. The company's quality inspection agency obtained the A-level quality inspection agency (formerly the first-level laboratory of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) assessed by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. The company obtained the title of "National Class I Laboratory" and "National Class A Experimental Center" and passed the CNAS laboratory. Approved.

  Advanced and perfect production and testing equipment, high-quality technical and operating personnel, and strict quality control measures provide a reliable guarantee for the company to produce high-quality products.

  One, raw material quality assurance measures

  The company strictly selects products that meet the standard requirements in accordance with national or industry standards, and all unqualified materials are returned for disposal. No one is allowed to release them. A strict accountability system has been implemented.

  The company's enterprise management department specially supervises and inspects the implementation of the requirements of the document "Quality Manual" (HX / Q-A-2013) in each department, and finds violations and gives economic punishment to the responsible department according to regulations. The “Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Manual” (HX / QES-A-2017) Section 8.4 “Control of Externally Provided Processes, Products and Services”, established the “Procurement Control Procedures” which stipulates the evaluation and selection of qualified The supplier controls the purchased materials to ensure that the purchased materials meet the specified requirements. Section 7.4 "Procurement" specifies the criteria and methods for the selection and evaluation of qualified suppliers by the procurement department; the "Process and Monitoring Control Procedures for Products and Products" and "Non-Conforming Product Control Procedures" in the manual establish "Inspection of Raw Materials and Finished Products" The "Control Procedures" and "Control Procedures for Nonconforming Products" have detailed regulations on inspection of incoming raw materials and disposal of nonconforming materials. Our company's "Raw Materials Inspection Standards" have strict regulations on the acceptance standards, inspection items, and testing methods for various types of raw materials. The Enterprise Management Department specifically supervises and inspects the implementation of documents by various departments, and if violations are found, the responsible departments are punished in accordance with regulations.

  For the other materials used by railway bridge bearings or sporadic outsourcing accessories, the company's experimental center strictly implements relevant regulations. There is no missed inspection of all the prescribed inspection batches and inspection items, and the company continuously and stably produces high-quality bridge supports. The seat provides a good guarantee.

  Two, Production Quality Assurance Measures

  1.Our company's production quality assurance measures for bridge bearings mainly cover two aspects of work: on the one hand, it is necessary for people (personnel), machines (equipment and tooling), materials (material), and law (equipment operation) during production. Regulations, work instructions, etc.), environment (working environment) control; on the other hand, the entire process of product quality inspection.

  2.Quality control measures for the production process

  The main body of production process control is the company's and workshop management personnel at all levels (company leadership, workshop director, team leader), and the control objects are people, machines, materials, methods, and environment in the production process; the objectives to be achieved are: Qualified products, proper output, good operating environment, and low consumption, of which product quality is the first one to be guaranteed for these purposes. For production personnel, the company requires that all employees be certified to work, arrange suitable positions according to the expertise and technical level of each operator, and organize training for the company when the skills are insufficient; for the production materials such as equipment and tooling, fixtures, the company's power department and The workshop repairman cooperates closely to overhaul and maintain according to the plan to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment; for the on-site materials, the operator is required to place them in a zoning, orderly and orderly manner, with clear identification; The “Procedures” and “Operation Instructions” for each process are all published on the wall of the workshop. Managers at all levels are responsible for supervision and implementation. If there are violations, they are ordered to rectify. For the operating environment, the company has always strived to provide a good hardware environment. Eliminate pollution sources such as light, electricity, noise, dust, and harmful gases in the workshop as much as possible.

  Three, Quality inspection during product realization

  1.standard and complete inspection documents

  The company's experimental center is responsible for the quality inspection of all products of the company. From raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products, each link has specific and feasible inspection standard requirements. A series of inspection documents, including Raw Material Inspection Standards, Semi-Finished Product Inspection Regulations, Finished Product Inspection Regulations, and Inspection Work Instructions, are our company's quality inspection laws and regulations, and important means to ensure the smooth progress of inspections.

  2, advanced and complete testing equipment, instruments

  The company has ninety sets (sets) of various testing instruments and more than five hundred measuring tools, which can fully implement the quality control of the entire process of bridge support products. From the steel material physical and chemical performance measuring instruments necessary for raw material testing, polytetrafluoroethylene cricket indentation hardness testing equipment, paint testing equipment, to ultrasonic flaw detectors, portable rubber and metal hardness testers in semi-finished product testing, to the final product testing Coating thickness gauge and YE-5000 pressure testing machine for mechanical testing. These testing equipment and instruments are important tools to ensure product quality.

  3. High-quality inspectors

  The company's experimental center currently has 65 full-time quality inspection personnel, all of which have inspection certificates issued by provincial (ministerial) quality supervision departments. Jizhong University accounted for 62.5% of the staff, and 42 were qualified as quality engineers. The majors covered included chemical engineering, machinery, heat treatment, computer, and metrology. High quality and strict work attitude, in addition to these quality inspectors can not only do their job well, but also put forward their own opinions and suggestions on product technology, in order to promote the company's product quality and manufacturing technology level Outstanding contributions.

  "Facing the market and promoting technological innovation; winning by quality and achieving industry leadership; integrity and compliance, ensuring customer satisfaction" is our company's quality policy; treating quality as life is the quality tenet of "Hengquren", and customer satisfaction is our eternal Pursuit. In the process of providing products for passenger-only lines, our company will certainly carry forward the company spirit of "unity, enterprising, pragmatic, dedication, and pioneering", and return customers' trust in us with high-quality products and thoughtful service.