Administration Department



1. Responsible for trademark registration and maintenance, annual inspection and replacement of business license.

2. Prepare the company's annual administrative expense budget and supervise its implementation, and strictly control various administrative expenses.

3. Manage the company's administration, logistics, office equipment and supplies, and be responsible for the purchase, maintenance and maintenance of the company's infrastructure.

4. Review and transmit important correspondence and telegrams, supervise and inspect leaders' instructions, review and modify relevant documents issued in the name of the company.

5. Responsible for the filing and storage of company documents and archives.

6. According to the opinions of the company leaders, timely communicate, collect and process logistics related information, be responsible for logistics support, and strengthen communication and exchanges between logistics security and all employees.

7. Responsible for the management of the company's vehicles, dormitories, canteens, doormen, gyms, bathrooms, and greening, and organize regular or irregular inspections.


Address: No. 9 East Road, North Industrial Base, Hengshui City

Zip code: 053000

Phone: 0318-2250005, 0318-2250126