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       Hengshui Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd.) is located in the High-tech Zone of Hengshui City. It was founded in 1954 and covers an area of ​​770,000 square meters. There are 2,600 employees, including 580 professional and technical personnel, and 330 middle and senior professional engineering and technical personnel. The company has a registered capital of 118.8 million yuan, more than 800 production equipment, and 590 testing equipment (sets).

       After nearly 70 years of development, Hengqiang Technology has developed into a group enterprise with Hengqiang Technology Co., Ltd. as the core, and Hengqiu Technology Co., Ltd. (governing five branches), Hengshui Xinlu Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. , Tiangong Lide Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Hengli New Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiangong Lide Technology Co., Ltd., Heng Rubber Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises.

       Company products: bridge bearings, bridge expansion devices, bridge swivel systems, bridge intelligent detection systems, building vibration isolation bearings; waterproof materials for water conservancy, tunnels and bridges; prestressed steel bars, sound barriers; marine engineering equipment and other products The whole process of research and development, design, production, manufacturing and service.


1. Sales system: set up road and bridge business department, construction business department, marine engineering business department, bridge inspection vehicle business department, and overseas regional sales department offices. The main responsibility is to be responsible for the company's sales of bearings, expansion devices, waterstops, bridge inspection vehicles, marine products, new technologies and new products, product promotion and management in foreign markets, and the collection, sorting and coordination of market information. relationship, customer reception, contract management, payment recovery, etc.

2. Business Center: The Ministry of Commerce, the Service Department, the Settlement Department, the Risk Control Department, and the Bidding Office are set up. The main responsibilities are to be responsible for business services related to sales, such as order reception, delivery, after-sales service, business settlement, bidding document production, and legal litigation, as well as related supervision and contract operation management.

3. Tiangong Lide Sales Department: mainly responsible for the product sales of Tiangong Lide Technology Development Co., Ltd.

4. Xinlu Sales Department: mainly responsible for the product sales of Hengshui Xinlu Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd.


As the window unit of Hengqiang Technology Co., Ltd., Hengqiang Technology Marketing System is committed to promoting the enterprise spirit of "harmonious symbiosis, innovative development" and serving customers wholeheartedly! Sincerely welcome customers to visit and negotiate business, and jointly develop my country's transportation construction has made due contributions.


department principal contact number E-mail
Vice president of marketing Zhao Baoguang 0318-2240318
Marketing Director Zhao Baoguang 0318-2240318
Director of Sales Li Xiutong 0318-2250001
Road and Bridge Division Liu Ning 0318-2250177
Construction Division Ma Yongcun 0318-2882000
Offshore Engineering Department Sun Jianbang 0318-2250023
Bridge Inspection Vehicle Division Han Fuchen 0318-2258838
Key Account Management Department Zhang Xianzong 0318-2250369
Tiangong Lide sells a prestressed steel bar Zhang Guotao 0318-6661018
Tiangong Lide sells the second sound barrier and steel structure Liu Tongzhe 0318-2258808
Vice President of Sales of Hengshui Xinlu Su Jianqiang 0318-2186616
Hengshui Xinlu Sales Department Zhang Jian 0318-2256667
Sales Office Wang Jin 0318-2256858
Service Department Shi Zhihui 0318-2990219