Leader's Speech



Tribute to Heng Oak, continue to write brilliant
——Speech at the 65th Anniversary Celebration


Comrades and friends,


 In this beautiful season of good autumn and fruitful results, we are here to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Heng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. At this moment, everyone with great joy, is proud of our company's achievements, and sincerely wishes our company's future development.


      Here, on behalf of the board, party committee, and all employees of Heng Oak Technology Co., Ltd., I would like to express my deepest memories to the Heng Oak ancestors who have established immortal feats for the company's creation, growth, development, and expansion! To the old leaders, old party members, old employees, previous model workers, and advanced workers who have cared for and supported the growth of Heng Oak for many years, and pay high respects to all the employees who are dedicated, diligent, and silent in their work Oakman, sincere thanks! Warm welcome to the comrades, friends and media reporters who participated in the celebration today! At the same time, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the government leaders, friends from all walks of life and the families of employees who have long supported the company's development behind it!


      Today, we are here to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Heng Rubber Technology, and to review the great changes in Heng Rubber Technology over the past 65 years, especially the glorious achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening up, in order to remember the generations of hard-working and enterprising history of Heng Oak Technology. , Praise the immortal feats they left behind. The purpose is to further stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to love Hengjiao; to carry forward the past, to build on the past; to "do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission", is to "pay tribute to Hengjia, continue to write brilliant" to create a century-old Hengjia torch forward!


      Sixty-five years ago, New China was just born. Twelve artisans co-founded the Hengshui County Chariot Repair Cooperative in a humble workshop. They came together for a common dream, and their simple ideas were: to contribute to the construction of a new China, and to build an enterprise where employees can live a good life. A few winds and rain, a few spring and autumn. However, the original intention and mission of the "Heng Oak" has not changed. To this day, our original intention and mission are clearer, that is, "creating value for customers; providing a better life and working environment for employees; providing a platform for innovation and entrepreneurs; and creating wealth for shareholders".


      For 65 years, our company has gone from workshop to factory, from factory to company; from planned economy to market economy; from factory director to manager; from collective enterprise to mixed ownership enterprise; from mixed ownership enterprise to private enterprise; from a single product To product diversification; from traditional factories to modern companies; from a single company to a group of companies. We are always the "first movers" of the times.


      These are the crystallization of wisdom from generation to generation. In the past, we have formed the corporate spirit of "unity, enterprising, pragmatic, dedication, and competition"; we have determined the corporate goal of "pursuing superior quality and creating a brilliant future"; "Be responsible, work hard, don't ask Xidong.


      Hengqun Technology has been written in Hengqun's history yesterday. Hengqun Technology is being created in the hands of our new generation of Hengqun people. Hengqun Technology will have a better tomorrow! All cadres and workers must unite more closely, invigorate their spirits, keep their original intentions in mind, and keep their mission in mind. Under the guidance of the company's new strategy of “prospering enterprises with science and technology and innovative development”, we will continue to move forward in order to promote scientific and technological progress, promote industry development, realize the transformation and upgrading of Hengqun Technology, and build the “hundred-year Hengqun” 100-year goal!


      Comrades and friends, let's "tribute to Oaks and continue to write brilliant" together!

Thank you!