Buckling restrained energy dissipation bracings (BRB)

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Product description

Buckling restrained energy dissipation bracings (BRB)

Buckling restrained brace is composed of core plate material, outer sleeve and unbonded material in the sleeve. Although there are various forms of BRB, the principle is basically similar. The outer sleeve with large rigidity is used to restrain the buckling of the central core plate. The center of the support is the steel core material. In order to avoid the overall buckling of the core plate material when it is pressed, that is, it can yield in tension and compression, the core plate material is placed in a steel tube and then filled with filling material. The filling material has certain strength, good compactness and excellent durability. In order to reduce or eliminate the force transmitted to the filling material when the core plate material is subjected to the axial force, and due to the Poisson effect, the core plate material will expand under pressure, so a layer of non bonding material or a very narrow air layer (GAP) is provided between the core plate material and the mortar. Buckling restrained bracings are widely used in Japan, and also in the United States, Canada and Taiwan. This support system is also promoted in mainland China, and has been used in buildings under construction in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an.

The invention of buckling restrained support solves the problem of instability and failure of ordinary steel support, and makes the performance of steel structure support consistent in tension and compression (as shown in Fig. 2), thus greatly improving the utilization rate of steel. Buckling restrained braces become the energy dissipation elements of the structure and play the role of "fuse" of the structure. The buckling restrained braced structure has good ductility and energy dissipation capacity, and the construction method of buckling restrained braced structure is the same as that of ordinary steel structure, with fast construction progress and reliable quality.