Fluid Viscous Damper

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Fluid Viscous Damper

Viscous damper is a kind of passive velocity type energy dissipation (vibration) device with viscous material as damping medium. It is mainly used for energy absorption and dissipation of structural vibration (including structural vibration caused by wind, earthquake, moving load and power equipment), and is applicable to building structures and equipment foundation works in various seismic intensity areas. The installation, maintenance and replacement are simple and convenient.

Viscous damper construction

Viscous damper is generally composed of front earring, dust cover, piston rod, cylinder barrel, rear earring, etc. The damper is filled with damping medium. When the piston of the viscous damper reciprocates, the damping medium generates damping force through the damping channel on the piston

Advantages of viscous dampers

1. The viscous damper has high energy dissipation efficiency, does not increase the structural stiffness, and does not change the natural vibration period of the structure;

2. The viscous damper has beautiful appearance, compact structure and convenient installation;

3. The viscous damper has stable performance and can be used for anti-seismic and anti wind.