Building health monitoring support (independently developed)

  • 建筑健康监测支座(自主研发)1.png
  • 建筑健康监测支座(自主研发)2.png


Building health monitoring bearing is a new type of bearing developed on the basis of building seismic isolation rubber bearing. It has not only all the properties of rubber bearing, but also the function of force measurement. Other supporting structures include solar power supply panel, data acquisition and transmission module, monitoring platform and building force measuring support, which can solve the following problems: monitoring the stress of each supporting point of the building, judging whether there are foundation settlement problems, judging whether there are problems unfavorable to the health of the building after decoration, and judging the health of the building after the earthquake.

Advantages of building load bearing:

No overall calibration is required; Wireless remote transmission; Compared with other load bearing, the cost is low; Solar energy can be used for power supply; The monitoring platform has the function of early warning.