Group Profile

Hengxiang Technology INC., LTD., an enterprise of the national Torch Program, was founded in 1954. For nearly 70 years, the deep ploughing project construction has always adhered to the principle of "self-improvement through evaluation and taking the world as an example", actively participated in national key projects and social public welfare undertakings, adhered to the business philosophy of "rejuvenating enterprises through science and technology and innovative development", and played an important role in many super projects with new construction facilities, construction technology and design technology.



Hengxiang technology has developed into a group enterprise with Hengxiang Technology Co., Ltd. as the core: Headquarters (governing five branches), road and Bridge Division, construction division, marine engineering division, bridge inspection vehicle division, Beijing Hengli Railway Technology Development Branch, Tiangong Lide Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hengshui Xinlu transportation equipment Co., Ltd., Hebei Hengli new materials Co., Ltd. (Xinji) Hengxiang Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiangong Lide Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing)) and other backbone enterprises. The group company has a headquarters building (-1-10 floors), a central laboratory (1-3 floors of the auxiliary building), a production and manufacturing area (9 branches and subsidiaries), a staff dormitory building (2 buildings on the 6th floor), a self-service intelligent vending machine (5 sets), a staff canteen (2), a green agricultural products area (for the use of the staff canteen), a plastic playground (staff basketball, football field), a logistics area (60 trucks plus), e valley entrepreneurial town (the old factory, which is undergoing technological transformation) New material base (Xinji City), Beijing Office (Beijing Tianjin Hebei cooperation non capital function transformation and docking), Hong Kong office. At present, it has won 10 national R & D platforms, including national torch plan implementation enterprises, national intellectual property advantage enterprises, national innovation achievement Gold Award enterprises, national enterprise technology center, national industrial design center, National Post Doctoral scientific research workstation, China's scientific and technological innovation demonstration unit, high-tech enterprises, Hebei enterprise technology center, etc.



Business of the company: construction facilities (bridge bearings and expansion devices, bridge intelligent swivel system, prestressed steel bars and components, building vibration reduction and isolation equipment, waterproof materials, sound barriers, ocean engineering equipment, etc.), construction technology (bridge intelligent detection solutions < bridge inspection robots, static bridge detectors >, building vibration reduction and isolation solutions, etc.) Design Technology (computer animation and multimedia design, production, computer graphic design, production; software development; advertising design, production, release; enterprise management consulting; industrial automation products, electronic intelligent product technology development, transfer, consulting, services.)



"Invigorating the enterprise through science and technology and innovative development" is not only the experience summary of our company's leapfrog development, but also our future business philosophy. Hengxiang people will, as always, rely on science and technology to revitalize the enterprise, continue to innovate and develop, follow the drawn development blueprint, be down-to-earth, unite as one, and create a better tomorrow by taking advantage of the favorable timing and location of national development and the rich foundation accumulated by the company.

Hengxiang enterprise mission, belief, business philosophy and strategic vision

Hengxiang's mission: operating according to law and increasing benefits; Create new value for customers; Improve employees' good life; Build an innovation platform; Accumulate more wealth for shareholders.

Heng Xiang believes that development is the last word, economic benefit is the core, and social benefit is responsibility.

Business philosophy: Invigorating the enterprise through science and technology and innovative development.

Strategic vision: build a hundred years of oak and realize your life dream.

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Leading products

We provide a wide range of products and service covering: bridge bearings, bridge expansion devices, bridge rotation system, bridge intelligent detection system, building antiseismic bearings; waterproof materials for water conservancy engineering, tunnel and bridge; prestressed steel rod, noise barrier; providing the integrated service through the whole process of research and development, design, production, manufacturing and

Brand slogan

Hengxiang people take the law of "self-improvement through self-evaluation" and the responsibility of "taking the whole world as an example" - self-improvement through self-evaluation and taking the whole world as an example. It is not only self-improvement, but also ambitious; it is not only strict with oneself, but also lenient to others; it is based on the present, but also looking into the

Development And space

hrough the self transformation marked by the name change in 2016, we have completed the strategic positioning and laid down the development concept. We are accumulating and developing: Based on the traditional transportation supporting products, with high-end manufacturing, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing