Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. is Heng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. In order to better develop a diversified industry, it leverages the research capabilities of many national research institutes and universities to better develop new products New technology is the premise. The high-tech R & D branch established in Beijing is also the image window of Hengye Technology Co., Ltd. in the capital.



      Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010 with a registered capital of 10 million. The company is located on the 10th floor of Zhongkun Building near Xizhimen, Haidian District, Beijing.


      Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. is Heng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. In order to better develop a diversified industry, it leverages the research capabilities of many national research institutes and universities to better develop new products. As a premise of new technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary mainly based on high-tech research and development established in Beijing is also an image window established by Hengqun Technology Co., Ltd. in the capital.


      Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. relies on the technology platforms of a number of research institutes and institutions of higher learning, and is committed to the research and development of railway, highway, municipal and other transportation product development and related equipment software development. At the same time, using its mechanical, hydraulic, automation control, computer software and hardware professionals to serve many domestic enterprises. Design, manufacture and install automation equipment and production lines.

      Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. advocates the enterprise spirit of "professional, pragmatic, efficient and innovative", has a good internal mechanism, a good working environment and a good incentive mechanism. After more than three years of development, it has attracted a number of Knowledge, hard-working talent, formed a professional and responsible technical research and development and technical service team.


      Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle of "harmonious symbiosis and innovative development", takes customer business as the center, takes customer needs as the guide, and provides customers with comprehensive solutions and products based on customer interests. Maintenance, upgrade, related training and other after-sales services to meet the actual needs of customers and better serve the community.


Mechanical design andmanufacturing

Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. has multi-professional technical personnel, covering mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, precision mechanical design and manufacturing, mold design, finite element analysis and other majors. Can undertake all kinds of non-standard machinery, automated...


Computer software and hardware and industrial control

Beijing Hengli Tieke Technology Development Co., Ltd. undertakes the development and programming of automatic control systems; it can also undertake the development of large-scale industrial control and professional detection and monitoring systems. Such as static bridge mechanics detection system; bridge health...


Industrial animation

Industry, machinery, automated production lines, bidding animation schemes, construction project construction demonstration animations, and various renderings, etc.


Employment concept

      Market competition is, in the final analysis, competition for knowledge and talent. Concentrate on outstanding talents and optimize talent mix. The peasant consciousness that ignites every village and every household smokes is constraining people's thinking. Nowadays, township and village enterprises are facing large domestic and foreign markets, and the market economy is calling for enterprises' need for talents. "


      Regarding the introduction, training, and use of talents, we oppose xenophobia on the issue of employment. Over the years, various types of talents introduced through various channels such as the talent market and university distribution have been professional counterparts and immediately used boldly in key positions; Enrich into the market. However, some talents are not in the right profession, but as long as they have the courage and talent, they can be used as talent reserves and actively create conditions to give play to their expertise.


      Recruiting talents is easy, retaining talents is difficult. In addition to material satisfaction and caring for life, the key to retaining talents is knowing people's responsibility and entrusting them to reuse. We advocate "Recommendation by Mao" and respect voluntary and independent job selection. They encourage reasonable mistakes in the innovation process, but do not seek full blame.

Talent and technology innovation

      The market is like a battlefield. In this battlefield where smoke cannot be seen, new high-tech products are a magic weapon to occupy the market. If new product development cannot keep up, consumers will relentlessly abandon your product. 'Product new markets are booming' is the truth. The most important factor here is the quality of the employees, because the market needs talents to develop, the products need talents to develop, the equipment needs talents to operate, no talents, and even advanced equipment is just a pile of scrap iron. This is an education taught to me. The key lies in improving the quality of employees. Today, for the collective cause, we make the company stand out in the strong hands like the forest. Without strong senior talents, then your company will fall into a passive beating situation. The lack of talents will be a carrier. As a result of the lack of innovation capabilities, the competitiveness of foreign markets and the competitive advantages of domestic markets will be lost; only with a large number of high-quality human resources and continuous innovation capabilities can we be invincible in the era of "knowledge economy".

Talent and Management

      It is difficult to recruit talents, and it is even more difficult to make good use of them. For this reason, the company considers managing talents and giving full play to their talents as the top priority. In recent years, the company has focused on strengthening talent management from four aspects:


      The first is tracking management: the company sends staff to the market to understand the situation of each person, establishes a reserve cadre team, and the trainees are all excellent salesmen selected by each market and cultivated as market managers.


      Second, focus management: The company regards technical personnel, managers and cadres at the middle level and above as the key targets of talent management, and encourages them to devise plans for the company and put forward their opinions and suggestions, and the chairman personally implements them one by one. The company has adopted various measures to maximize the motivation of talents.


      The third is to standardize management: the company has formulated responsibilities for departments and positions, clarified the scope of work and work goals for each person, combined with the salary promotion twice a year, and conducted a bottom-up evaluation to encourage employees to work hard. the spirit of.


      The fourth is to borrow "external brain": hire consulting and planning companies to help manage and standardize the employment system, and comprehensively introduce computer network management to achieve the company's various management catalogs, procedures and simplifications.


      The talent of the entrepreneur is to establish a mechanism that can attract a large number of talents, create a genius product and continue to occupy the market. Without this team, it is a business opportunity that happens once in a century. Still can't catch it. He further explained that entrepreneurs should pursue performance. If an enterprise is not good, what kind of entrepreneur is it? Entrepreneurs must not only have the eyes of talents, but also have the capacity for talents and the love of talents.

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