Red sino rubber


Wu Dongliang

Former chairman, general manager and party secretary of the company. The company has developed into a leading enterprise in the industry, created "Dongfeng phenomenon", formed "a glorious banner on the industrial front of Hengshui City", won the National May 1 Labor Medal, enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council and the labor model of Hebei Province.


Wei cunjie

Former party secretary, chairman and general manager of the company. As a veteran level technical authority in the industry, he is committed to product research and development, production and market development, and leads the company to become one of the top ten enterprises in China's rubber products, the national torch plan implementation enterprise, and the well-known trademark enterprise in China. He was rated as one of the top ten outstanding youths in Hengshui City, a meritorious entrepreneur in Hengshui City, a model worker and a senior engineer in Hebei Province.


Sun Jinggang

Former deputy general manager, deputy secretary and chairman of the trade union of the company. As a pioneer in the engineering rubber market of the company and even the industry, and a founding father of the factory, he laid a solid foundation for the development of highway and railway products and occupied the market, made outstanding contributions to the development of the company and the national transportation construction, and was rated as a model worker in Hebei Province.


Zhao zhiliang

Former deputy chief engineer of the company. He took the lead in the R & D and production management of engineering rubber products. He is a recognized rubber craftsman and worker expert in the industry. He has won the provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award and excellent new product award for many times. In January 2009, he was rated as a skilled craftsman in Hebei Province.

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